12 авг. 2011 г.


We stay in Budapest in hotel near Aquincum…

 rather nice place…. And only in this hotel I can find normal blanket…because everywhere I get short ones that I can’t hide under it with head =)…. Actually as I understand there peoples shorter than me…. Because mirrors in markets was too little and length of trousers was too short for same size as I wear in Russia… but it is another story….

At morning we went to Szentendre. Little city, clean and friendly, as all Hungary at all,  I can say it after my trip. 

A lot of markets with different types of souvenirs and long narrow streets =)

And of course we visit Marzipan museum… taste of marzipan rather strange when you try it at first time… I like it… but only in little pieces =)

Then we went to Siofok, where my group get rooms…..

and finally I can see Balaton and swim in it a little =)….. but weather change in Hungary faster than in Russia….. and especially on Balaton I think…. So after 30 min start wind and after 5 strong rain XD

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