1 июн. 2011 г.

Street walker...

So today is wonderful =) Have I ever told that i like to walk around my city and walk at all?
If i haven't, now you know this ;)  And i take my camera with me, so you can see some pictures which i made during my way =)
First what i wanted to photo was this tree ... i don't really know what kind of tree is it ...but it is blooming and smell really good^^

Next point was Central bus terminal. Near it take place on of the oldest hotel in my city. It was build in soviet period and call "Октябрьская" (oktober's or smth like this on english)r it take place on of the oldest hotel in my city. It was build in soviet period and call "Октябрьская" (oktober's or smth like this on english)

On entrance stay Lenin's bust....actually here in my city a lot of soviet period buildings, statue, monuments and signs... I'll put it here time to time ;)

It is Moscow freeway (Моковское шоссе) one of the main street in Samara.... also exist Lenin's avenue, Novo-Sadovaja street and Volzskaja street ... but around this street concentrate a lot of trading centers and office building... and on photo you can see how Moscow seizure Samara's city territory. Here almost all good land in city  are belong to Moscow's business mans...so it is one more reason why in another cites don't like peoples from Moscow

Then my way  go through private sector....it looks horrible and i don't want walk there not in noon or morning...it might be rather dangerous... but my University rather close to this private sector and it is one of the sort way

 This private sector looks like goods forget  about it....system of the water-supply is looking like this:

Luckily for those who live there it works =) Have you ever seen smth like this before? =)

And all the time horrible strong wing blow...A lot of dust in the air.... and send in hair and eyes 


And now finally my University.... back entrance: 

This is Jurisprudence corpus.... there study the most spoiled by money mostly peoples.... sometimes i think that they come to university to smoke and laugh loudly... 

 Main entrance... 5 years I study here... soon i finish it and all will be over....but it was really interesting time =) 

And a little bit nature near my work =)... 

Last days all looks like after snowfall =) 

 It is building of Gazprom. The biggest Russian gas company...i can't say anything bad about this company... bud good too ....

And final point - The victory park. In Russia all proud victory in WW2 so here you can find a lot of things which called WW2 heroes names and memorials.

I hope that it was rather interesting little trip. On my native language I'd write much more and colorful, but i decided write here on English mostly =)
Thanks  that read it =) 

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